About the Gallery

Cambridge Science Centre opened in 2013 with a single goal: to make science fun and accessible to young people and their families. We remain committed to that goal.

Cindy Forde explaining the activities going on at the cnetre

Cambridge Science Centre opened in 2013 with the goal of introducing play and discovery into science, for young people and their families.

In demand

Why we exist:

  • We are the only hands-on science centre in East Anglia, a place for children to enjoy hands-on learning and discovery.
  • We serve disadvantaged and underserved communities throughout the region, who might otherwise miss out.
  • We provide a route into science for all children, with a view to inspiring them to develop their skills later on. This is great for the UK economy.

The solution

Our solutions to the challenges we see:

  • Our Cambridge base, open year-round with fun, interactive exhibitions and workshops, designed to open up science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
  • Supporting schools with innovative outreach days, and our brand new COSMOS initiative. We're empowering teachers and children to discover more in each of the STEM subjects.
  • Supporting families with COSMOS, allowing children to take what they've seen at the Centre, and continue exploring at home.

Why us?

Some of our achievements to date:

  • Since opening in 2013, we've reached over 130,000 people — over 99,000 in our Centre alone — with our range of interactive play and discovery exhibitions.
  • Through the COSMOS Roadshow and our popular outreach days, we've popped up in over 20 local communities.
  • Importantly, we don’t just deliver one-off moments of inspiration. We provide sustained on-going engagements in the communities that we work with to give children the best long-term benefits.

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