Research and innovation in printed electronics and materials based technologies.


CDT Scientists work on a range of topics from fundamental understanding to optimising materials and devices for market applications. Based in a state of the art research and development facility, the scope of technology at CDT includes energy harvesting and storage, organic electronics, FLEXOLED, opto-electronic detection, OLED displays and lighting and biosensors.  

CDT is at the cutting edge of so many technologies and has a successful, international culture. Benefitting from the security of being part of a major global chemical corporation, yet still small enough for individuals to make a real impact. CDT’s parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., believes creative hybrid chemistry has a key role in generating a sustainable society and a better tomorrow.

CDT strives to be a European research centre of excellence, identifying and incubating new technology that enables and enhances the business. For more information on CDT, please visit

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