What is COSMOS?

COSMOS is powered by Cambridge Science Centre and is a new interactive learning programme. Led by a host of bespoke characters, the COSMOS programme takes hands-on science out beyond Cambridgeshire, and into the homes of thousands across the country.

COSMOS is the Science Centre's new interactive learning programme

Say hello to COSMOS, bringing science home

Register now to get free access to lots of fun activities to do at home. From exciting experiments to puzzlers and quizzes, there's plenty to do and lots to discover. COSMOS online explores different themes each month, so come on board and find out something new. 

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A new way to learn science

Educational and interactive

Play is pivotial to a child's physical, social and cognitive development, and we are here to help

Accessible wherever you are

COSMOS gives you everything you need, wherever and whenever you need it, to get stuck in to science.

Outstanding and engaging

Responding to parents and children, who want to take a piece of the Centre home with them.

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Signing up to gain access to COSMOS is easy. All it takes is two easy steps..

Complete the registration form and fill in your details (kids ... grab an adult for this part).

Hooray! You are now a member so delve in and discover all the fun activities on the COSMOS membership zone.

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COSMOS Online includes free exciting science challenges, games and activities focused on a new theme every month.

Bonkers about balloons? Click the button below to download this fun activity with three challenges ideal for kids to explore on their own and kick start their COSMOS journey today! Don't forget to share your results and post your photos to our COSMOS online community.

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