“What I liked was that the staff were so friendly and flexible and just seemed to fit into the school without any effort on my behalf. We would love your team to come back”
Jacqui Gilman, The Peele Community College, Lincolnshire

Cool science to do at home

Make fake blood and watch your heartbeat

COSMOS Online is a digital collection of all kinds of hands-on science activities you can do at home. There are hundreds, and they are all FREE. There are activities, games, quizzes and puzzles:

  • watch your own heartbeat using just a straw and a marshmallow
  • create your own fake blood
  • learn about static electricity using a balloon and your best mate’s hair!

We introduce a new theme every month, such as gravity or the science behind chocolate. And all activities are carefully crafted to be child-friendly, fantastic fun and super accessible for everyone.

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Here is a sample COSMOS Online activity for you to try. All you need are a large bowl of water and various objects. Ideal for young people to explore on their own and kick start their COSMOS journey. Download the Float or Sink challenge now .

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