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Giving a little means a lot. Our charity relies on generous volunteers and donors to help run and fund our free exhibitions and workshops. Do you think you could help?

Inspiring young people

The support of local businesses is invaluable to our charity. You can contribute to inspiring young people to become curious about the world around them. Contact us to find out about:

  • How corporate membership can help you achieve your CSR goals
  • Exhibition sponsorship
  • Fundraising and volunteering opportunities for your staff

Contact Sam Davis at or 01223 967956

Essential contributions

Trusts and Foundations make an essential contribution to our work including:

  • Helping us to create our exciting prototype hands-on exhibits
  • Supporting our outreach to disadvantaged and underserved communities
  • Furthering our work with families to sustain STEM learning

To discuss how we work with Trusts and Foundations, please contact Sam Davis at or 07794 923 818

Other ways to support us

COSMOS in your town

The COSMOS Roadshow is making its way across the region, bringing science to you.

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Cambridge Science Centre's future

See our plans for a workshops and outreach hub, designed to complement the permanent centre.

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COSMOS Corporate

Boost your organisation's community presence and foster a new generation of learning.

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Sponsor an exhibition

Sponsoring an exhibition is a fantastic way of fostering curiosity in young people, and promoting your business.

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Help support the centre

Donations help us to create exciting, interactive exhibitions and workshops, to inspire young people and get them hands-on with science. As little as £5 is all it takes. Our work wouldn't be possible without your support.

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