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Congratulations to Professor Lord Rees

Congratulations to renowned Cambridge astrophysicist and cosmologist, Professor Lord Martin Rees , who has been named this year’s recipient of The Royal Society’s Copley Medal for sustained, outstanding achievements in any field of science.

Professor Lord Rees is a valued Ambassador of Cambridge Science Centre and never hesitates to contribute and offer support to our ventures and initiatives.

The Royal Society’s Copley Medal, awarded for sustained, outstanding achievements in any field of science, was first awarded in 1731. Previous recipients have included Louis Pasteur, Dorothy Hodgkin, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin.

Professor Lord Rees with CEO, John Bull, Trustee, David Cleevely and Head of Development, Rebecca Porter at our 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Lord Rees, a Fellow and former President of the Royal Society, and the UK’s current Astronomer Royal, is one of the most distinguished theoretical astrophysicists of his generation and was chosen for his many and varied conceptual breakthroughs over several decades, with influence spreading far beyond the specialist academic community.

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