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Today we celebrate DNA Day

Today we celebrate the discovery and possibilities of DNA. The DNA molecule contains all the information needed to grow and maintain an individual be it a human, other animal, plant, bacteria or fungus. DNA and the human genome (complete set of DNA) has been studied by scientists for decades.

This year is extra special! Today, people across the world will commemorate both the 20th anniversary of the Human Genome Project’s completion and the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix.

In the lead-up to today, we started our celebrations at our PopUpScience Centre in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge, with our new show, ‘Genome Explorers’.

‘Genome Explorers’ tells the story of a researcher out in the field, collecting and tracking down medicinal plant samples. Once they have collected their samples, they send them off to the lab for analysis. Throughout the show, our researchers, like Mario, who you can see in these images, explain to our visitors what DNA is, the history of its discovery and how we all rely on their incredible work today.

We also headed up to Cleethorpes to present the show to pupils from Cleethorpes Academy. Primary and Secondary school pupils enjoyed the show as part of a weeklong roadshow.

Our thanks go to The Illumina Foundation for their support which has facilitated this visit and meant that several classes of young people got to learn a little bit more about DNA and how this discovery impacts our daily lives.

The development and production of ‘Genome Explorers’ was supported by The Illumina Foundation.

For further activities and information on DNA, check out their website:

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