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What's on in Cambridge.

As Spring is now upon us and we head to warmer weather and want to get out and about again, we've selected a couple of events to enjoy.

Cambridge Festival

Cambridge Festival is back! This Festival is one of the largest of its kind.

Coordinated by the University of Cambridge, the Festival aims to tackle some of the big questions of our age and seeks to find possible solutions. It also looks at less weighty subjects and includes an extensive series of events for children and families to enjoy. This year, it features over 360 mostly free events and runs from Friday 17th March until Sunday 2nd April.

Hot topics this year include an in-depth look at how we move from global risks to global safety, results from the largest four-day working week trial, greenwashing tactics to look out for, the latest in AI (including a virtual game of football with AI players), and the future of heart valve replacement.

Why not join us on 23 March at our relevant but irreverent panel show, Would I Sci to you?

The Cambridge Literary Festival is also back this year. This Festival welcomes over 350 writers and speakers to Cambridge each year and stages events that cover a huge variety of topics.

This blog from offers a few more options, including a trip to Wimpole Home Farm.

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