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Bubble Science Show

What is bubble liquid is made of? How do they work? Watch as we make them even more exciting!

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Bubble Science Show

Step into the exciting world of Bubble Science! From the chemistry behind bubble solutions to the fascinating physics of bubble formation, we will take you on a bubble-filled adventure!

Here’s a sneak peek into what to expect:

From tiny bubbles to colossal creations, we will discover the magic of bubbles as they transform from small wonders to giant spheres. Discover the science behind bubble shapes and explore how bubbles sometimes turn out square!

We’ll make the perfect bubble mix to create stretchy, long-lasting bubbles. We’ll explain the concept of surface tension and explore the wonders of bubble chemistry.

Discover the inner workings of bubbles as we investigate the gases they can contain. From ordinary air to denser gases, you will see how each different gases affects our  bubbles.

Join in and enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, tiny bubbles and even fire bubbles!  

Building bridges at Cambridge Science Centre

What people say!

“Cambridge Science Centre engages all ages. We all have so much fun. We love the shows!
The bridge building is our favourite exhibit at the moment!”

Hands-On Exhibits

Here’s a small taster of the exhibits you will find in our Centre.

Building bridges at Cambridge Science Centre

Building Bridges

Can you fit the blocks together to make a bridge that holds itself together – as if by magic? Explore how different types of bridges work too!

Car run cambridge science centre

Car Run

Can you build a car that goes faster or further than the rest? Then make it faster still? Give it a try!

iSandBOX at Cambridge Science Centre

Discover New Landscapes

Use your hands to make volcanoes erupt, meteors come crashing to earth, and lakes to form in front of your eyes with our ISandBox.

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