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Moonshot Show!

Welcome, future space cadets, to your inaugural session at the Space Academy!

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Join us in Space

In this show, we set off on a thrilling journey into the cosmos, starting with an exploration of the ground-breaking Artemis mission, poised to land on the Moon in 2025.

In our Moonshot show we take a look at the mighty Ares rocket, the backbone of the Artemis mission. This amazing rocket is getting ready for its maiden voyage round the Moon and back, so stay with us as we explore how it’s powerful engines will generate the force needed to propel it into space and defy the pull of Earth’s gravity.

We introduce Newton and his First Law of Motion as we explain what goes up, must also come down!

Get involved as we launch our own rocket! With a flick of a switch and a burst of fuel, watch as our miniature rocket defies gravity and hurtles skyward, a testament to Newton’s genius.

In the weightless expanse of space, our every move as a Space Cadet must be deliberate and calculated, as we chart a course toward our lunar destination.  Are you brave enough to join us and be part of a team of thousands of scientists, engineers, and visionaries – all working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this dream a reality.

exploring Cambridge Science Centre

What people say!

“Such a wonderful, low pressure, open-ended space for learning and discovering”


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Moonshot show

What’s On Each Day

  • Enjoy one of our shows
  • Get stuck into a workshop in our Labs
  • Explore our open-ended exhibits
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