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Greg Foot joins us for 'Would I Sci to You'

Greg Foot is joining us! We’re excited to announce that award-winning science journalist, producer and presenter Greg Foot is joining our teams for this year’s Would I Sci to You?

Sadly, Isabel Thomas has had to step aside last minute, but her shoes will be filled by the wonderful Greg. Greg has a weekly BBC Radio 4 show & podcast called 'Sliced Bread’ that investigates whether wonder products like Face Creams, Zero Beers & Ice Baths are indeed 'the best thing since sliced bread', or marketing BS. He also regularly pops up on TV chatting about science on BBC Morning Live, and did the same on Blue Peter and Sunday Brunch for many years. He's also toured spectacular science theatres shows around the UK (“Caution Safety Goggles Required”, “Wonder Games”).

Greg Foot joins Would I Sci to You panel

Greg joins QI’s Head Researcher, James Harkin; Youtube sensation, Holly Gabrielle; Director of Science and Entrepreneurship at the Babraham Research Campus, Kathyrn Chapman; renowned physicist, Isaac Newton; and the scientist entrepreneur, Jason Mellad to face off against an array of current affairs, bizarre research, mysterious objects, and each other’s tall (or not so tall) tales in this comedic, quick-fire event!

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