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Coding to the Rescue

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LEGO buggies and a potential disaster on a faraway planet bring coding to life in this workshop.

Plan a route and pull in the code you need to make it happen! There are LEGO lives at stake!

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Recognise and program basic instructions in a block-based computer language
  • Investigate different coding instructions for LEGO essential spike (similar to scratch).
  • Design and evaluate a program to solve a problem.
  • Work and communicate together as a team.
  • To realise that space travel can teach us about our planet as well as space

What to expect:

All of our workshops will start with a short welcome and introduction to the workshop to ensure students are aware of what to expect.


A few short sets of instructions that will enable students to work out what different commands do for the version of scratch, such as moving forward and backwards and turning.

Setting the scene:

Three space explorers are working on a new, unnamed planet known as CSC-2023 and they have 2 space buggies.

Unfortunately one has broken down with 2 of the team on board and it is too far from their base to walk back.

They have limited oxygen so need to be rescued as soon as possible. There is another space buggy but each buggy can only seat 2 astronauts so they will have to be rescued 1 at a time.


The students will be asked to write a programme that will move their space buggy to allow them to rescue the stranded astronauts before it runs out of battery.


We will ask students to share and demonstrate their programme and discuss ways the students went about solving the problem.

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