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We are opening on 23rd July! 

From the 23rd July , you will be able to come along with your budding scientists on weekends and school holidays to explore our hands-on exhibits, take part in our mind-blowing shows and discover our innovative Lab and Workshop spaces.

Celebrate our new home at The Trinity Centre with us! The first 2500 Memberships are available now at an incredible discount!

Our Summer Shows

Bubble Show Cambridge Science Centre

Bubble Science

Step into the exciting world of Bubble Science! From the chemistry behind bubble solutions to the fascinating physics of bubble formation, we will take you on a bubble-filled adventure!


In this show, we set off on a thrilling journey into the cosmos, starting with an exploration of the ground-breaking Artemis mission, poised to land on the Moon in 2025.

Boy listening

Sonic Science

How do we hear sound? How does it reach our ears? Why do we have two ears? We don’t really ask questions about something that we take for granted, but that just makes it more fascinating when we answer them for you! Find out more about sound, how it travels, how we hear it and why in space, nobody can hear you scream!

summer fun

Summer Fun!

We will be open every day during the summer holidays. Come back soon for more details.

Available to explore at every visit.

Here’s a small taster of the exhibits you will find in our Centre.

Building bridges at Cambridge Science Centre

Building Bridges

Can you fit the blocks together to make a bridge that holds itself together – as if by magic? Explore how different types of bridges work too!

iSandBOX at Cambridge Science Centre

Discover New Landscapes

Use your hands to make volcanoes erupt, meteors come crashing to earth, and lakes to form in front of your eyes with our ISandBox

Gear wall

Engineering Exploits

Turn a gear one way. What happens to the gear next to it, and the one next to that? Test your engineering skills and link the gears together.

Car run cambridge science centre

Our Epic Car Run

Can you build a car that goes faster or further than the rest? Then make it faster still? Give it a try!


The Science of Light!

Pretty lights and science together in one place – what more could you ask for? Investigate the properties of light using lenses and mirrors.

Paper aeroplanes - multiple colours

Flying in the wind

Take inspiration from nature or unleash your creativity to make a flying machine.

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