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Bring STEM to life!

Reinforce your classroom learning with our awe-inspiring collection of hands-on exhibits and curriculum linked workshops.

Over the course of a half day visit to the Centre your class will build their confidence and deepen their understanding as they investigate our exhibits and take part in our challenging workshops.

Hands-On Exhibits

With 20 exciting exhibits covering diverse STEM subjects from AI to zoology, Cambridge Science Centre is the perfect destination to spark science learning.

Amazing Value

Just £200 gets your class a half-day experience at our hands-on Centre including time with our fantastic exhibits and a workshop of your choosing.

For those who choose to visit us over a lunch time, you are welcome to use our outside picnicking area, which will be exclusively for the use of our school visitor.

The Perfect Location

Located on the Cambridge Science Park, the Centre offers easy access and free parking, making it the perfect destination for enriching educational school trips.

School Workshops

Designer Dinos: Which dinosaur is which?

Observe, identify and classify our prehistoric menagerie! Suitable for Key Stage 1

children exploring ear

Senses: Aargh or aaaah, yuk or yum?

Examine how we sense the world around us as we test out our 5 senses. Suitable for Key Stage 1

Electrical Emergency! Repair the airport circuits.

The clock is ticking! A storm has damaged airport equipment, and your class needs to get it working ready for a safe landing. Suitable for LKS2

Girls enjoying a show at Cambridge Science Centre

Code Micropets with Arm

Introduce your class to the world of microprocessors and have a go at programming our Micropets using BBC micro:bits. Suitable for LKS2 Available from Sept 2024

Our World from Space: Satellite Science

Take control of our fleet of satellites and discover amazing things taking place on earth. Suitable for LKS2

Chain Reaction: Create a crazy contraption

This high-octane engineering workshop gets teams collaborating to create big, wacky chain reactions. Suitable for UKS2

coding to the rescue at Cambridge Science Centre

Coding to the Rescue

Lego buggies and a potential disaster in a faraway planet bring coding to life in this workshop. Suitable for UKS2

Evolootion game at Cambridge Science Centre

EvoLOOTion: Random stuff happens

Evolve your own population of “Loots” and play a game of life that explores how environmental changes lead to long term shifts in population. Suitable for UKS2

Sailing science at Cambridge Science Centre

Sailing Science: Master materials and forces

Investigate materials and forces as budding engineers. Build, test and adapt a land yacht in the build up to the big race. Suitable for UKS2

Chain Reaction: Focus on science skills

Your class perfect their twenty-first century skills including collaboration and analytical thinking as they come together to create a chain reaction machine. Suitable for KS3

Go Ballistic workshop for schools at Cambridge Science Centre

Go Ballistic: Plan carefully for the sake of your human cannonball!

In this show-stopping workshop, teams collaborate to fire projectiles – working out angles, distances and trajectories to make sure their cannonball lands on target. Suitable for KS3

EvoLOOTion: Random stuff happens

Evolve your own population of “Loots” and play a game of life that explores how environmental changes lead to long term shifts in populations. Explore the concepts of evolution and variation and see your colony of ‘Loots’ evolve in unexpected ways. Suitable for KS3

Hands-On Science

Here’s a small taster of the exhibits you will find in our Centre.

bridge building exhibit

Building Bridges

Can you fit the blocks together to make a bridge that holds itself together – as if by magic? Explore how different types of bridges work too!

guess the weight exhibit

Guess the Weight

Can you guess which of our weights is the heaviest?

Engineering Exploits

Turn a gear one way. What happens to the gear next to it, and the one next to that? Test your engineering skills and link the gears together.

Car Run

Can you build a car that goes faster or further than the rest? Then make it faster still? Give it a try!

Lights show

The Science of Light

Pretty lights and science together in one place – what more could you ask for? Investigate the properties of light using lenses and mirrors.

Paper plane launcher at Cambridge Science Centre

Flying in the Wind

Take inspiration from nature or unleash your creativity to make a flying machine.

Plan your visit

children exploring ear

Book your school trip

A unique experience for all your students. We are open every day during term time.

Directions & Parking

Whether you are coming by car, bike, bus, train or walking being based in the centre of Cambridge Science Park, we are easy to find!

boy at Cambridge Science Centre


Where science is for everyone to get involved with and enjoy!

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