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Electrical Emergency

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Electrical Emergency

The clock is ticking! A storm has damaged airport equipment, and your class needs to get it working ready for a safe landing.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • understand various components in a circuit including switches, bulbs and cells.
  • predict whether or not a lamp will light in a simple series circuit.
  • recognise the function of a switch in a circuit.
  • identify conductors and insulators.

What to expect

All of our workshops will start with a short welcome and introduction to the workshop to ensure students are aware of what to expect.

Familiarisation with basic circuits

This activity introduces the key elements of a circuit and challenges pupils to create their own simple circuit.

Experiment with insulators and conductors

Pupils discover the impact of insulators and conductors upon circuits. Together they build an understanding of what each of them are.

More complex circuits

In this activity the pupils add additional elements to their circuits such as a motor to understand how they work.


We will offer a quick round-up and discussion of our learnings.


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