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Evolve your own population of  “Loots” and play a game of life that explores how environmental changes lead to long term shifts in populations.

Explore the concepts of evolution and variation and see your colony of ‘Loots’ evolve in unexpected ways.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Understand the wide range of species living on the earth.
  • Discover all living things have evolved over time.
  • Explore the variations caused by differing factors including inheritance, mutations and environment.

What to expect:

All of our workshops will start with a short welcome and introduction to the workshop to ensure students are aware of what to expect.

Living things

We will discover more about evolution and how scientists classify living things. Students will recognise that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents. We will consider how we identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.


During this section, we will explore random mutations and how the environment and natural selection determines the evolution of a species.

Using our unique game, ‘The Life of Loot’, students can discover and analysis the various differences that will occur as a species evolves.                                                 


We will conclude the workshop with a recap of our learnings and consider any further questions.

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