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Go Ballistic

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In this show-stopping workshop, teams ‘Go Ballistic’ and collaborate to fire projectiles – working out angles, distances and trajectories to make sure their cannonball lands on target.

We explore how scientific modelling and physical forces explain how human cannonballs land safely.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Describe projectile motion
  • Use scientific and mathematical models to make predictions
  • Apply the scientific method to collect accurate data
  • Link projectile motion to specific examples

What to expect

All of our workshops will start with a short welcome and introduction to the workshop to ensure students are aware of what to expect.

A human cannonball

We will explore what a human cannonball is and the forces in play! We will expand up on this by exploring what projectile motion is using the human cannonball example.

We will discuss forces such as push and pull which arise from the interaction between two objects, including what happens when forces are balanced or unbalanced.

Using your own launcher!

Students will be able to use and explore our launchers  – after a quick health and safety briefing!

They will be able to test their results, change angles and distances to note any changes and aim for a successful landing!

Projectile motion applications in space travel

We will go on to discuss forces and motion of rockets and expand upon this by exploring launch velocity and projectile motion of a rocket to get into orbit.


Together students and our Science Communicators will explore their key learnings from the workshop.

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