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The Cambridge Science Centre is an educational charity which hosts hands-on exhibitions, workshops, shows and talks to get the public excited about science and technology. Now the home of science has a home for science.

Check out our teaser trailer for our latest exhibition Extreme Engineering. Click play on the video on the right.

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  • Built For Speed

    Find out all about the amazing engineering that can make us go fast, faster and, importantly, slow us down again!

    26th October
  • Stronger By Design

    How can we protect ourselves from extreme environments? Find out about the engineering behind some amazing materials that keep us safe from heat, speed and force.

    26th October
  • Confuse Your Senses

    Can you believe your eyes? Can you be fooled by food and flavours? Find out why your senses are more complicated than you think!

    26th October
  • Intelligent Plants?

    Can we engineer plants to make them 'intelligent'? Can programmed plants tell us when our water supply is contaminated? Come along to find out how the iGEM team could soon be using synthetic biology to create an app for your garden!

    26th October
    2:00pm - 2:30pm


Conveniently based in Cambridge city centre

Our public exhibition space is located at:

Cambridge Science Centre
18 Jesus Lane
United Kingdom

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